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BIM SINERGIA is the new startup
launched to meet the demands
of the market reconstructed
during the digital revolution


The world is becoming increasingly digital. Digital processes cover all spheres of life, industry and construction among the first. Right now the revolution in the construction sector is happening too.

With the BIM Decree in November 2017, in Italy the process of switching design to BIM technology was launched.

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is not a tool or software, but a technology that uses a model containing all the information regarding the entire life cycle of a work, from the client and from the project to maintenance or demolition.

In the manufacturing sector it is really necessary to give support to designers working in the win / win concept. Those who offer the designer and the customer the materials and information necessary for use and realization always have the competitive advantage.

The software must be accompanied by libraries and catalogs of three-dimensional objects having all the characteristics of the real object, which can be downloaded and inserted directly into the model.

Whoever uses BIM technology is definitely at an advantage over others who do not use it.

The digitalisation of the sector represents a unique opportunity to face these challenges.


BIM SINERGIA is the team composed of specialists with experience in designing and managing BIM models. We use all modern and innovative technologies to offer the highest quality product.

We are able to create digital BIM objects and models (Revit families) and templates according to your requests for:

  • Building elements
  • Furniture
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Plumbing and sanitary items
  • Electrical and electronic elements
  • Lighting
    Special installations
  • Fire fighting products

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For Facility Manager